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Hy-Line – world leader in poultry layer genetics

Application note: variation in the OCX32 gene in commercial egg-laying chickens and its relationship with egg production and egg quality traits.

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Hy-Line – world leader in poultry layer genetics

Case study: implementation of high throughput KASP genotyping to detect SNP variations in chickens.

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IntelliQube - Performance - App note

IntelliQube® - Real-Time Quantitative PCR Performance Characterization

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KASP and TaqMan - University of Nottingham

Application note: Comparison of custom designed KASP and TaqMan genotyping assays for a rare genetic variant identified through resequencing GWAS loci

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Key trait screening on global wheat accessions using KASP genotyping markers

A new open resource for the wheat breeding community

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KlearKall Master mix for high-throughput genotyping on crude plant samples to enable precision breeding

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Mouse genomics - Jackson Laboratory

Case study: implementation of KASP genotyping in mouse genomics studies at the Jackson Laboratory

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Mouse genomics - Jackson Laboratory

Application note: Trans-regulation of mouse meiotic recombination hotspots by Rcr1.

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Superior high-throughput genotyping with KlearKall Master mix and BHQplus probes.

High numbers of samples analysed quickly and accurately. Tight clusters and high call rates for accurate, reproducible genotyping.

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University of Bristol – The Cereal Genomics Group (wheat)

Case study: development and validation of KASP SNP assays for wheat that can be implemented in marker-assisted selection (MAS) to improve future wheat yields.

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University of Bristol – The Cereal Genomics group (wheat)

Application note: Discovery and development of exome-based, co-dominant single nucleotide polymorphism markers in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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University of California - Pepper

The Seed Biotechnology Center at UC Davis and their identification of genes associated with resistance to root rot in pepper

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Wheat breeding and genetics

Customer case study about the Colorado State University wheat breeding and genetics program

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