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Data sheets & brochures

DNA Quantification: Comparison of UV Spectrophotometry and PicoGreen Analysis

This factsheet provides an overview of the quantification methods used by LGC, and compares the reported DNA concentrations for each of these methods.

107 KB


Automated Genomic DNA Isolation From Whole Blood

294 KB

FLEX STAR Addenbrooke’s evaluation for routine diagnostic use

Evaluation report by Addenbrooke’s hospital

1782 KB


Fully automated plasmid and genomic DNA isolation system

222 KB


High-throughput nucleic acid extractions robot

129 KB

Human Tissue Act (UK only)

53 KB

mag blood kits

Data sheet

384 KB


Automated nucleic acid extraction robot

194 KB

Plant health licence

338 KB

sbeadex livestock

One protocol for extracting DNA from all livestock samples

169 KB