March 2014

New structure offers efficiency and flexibility

LGC has announced an important corporate re-organisation, with the formation of two new units, to ensure they remain as effective and efficient as possible in bringing science/scientific expertise to market, while continuing to deliver optimal service to clients/customers and business investment and growth.

A new Laboratory and Managed Services (LMS) division will see Jeremy Cook as Managing Director, while Science and Innovation (S&I) will be led by Dr Derek Craston, LGC’s Chief Scientific Officer and Government Chemist.

With effect from 1 April 2014, the new LMS unit will bring together the majority of LGC’s laboratory operations, managed services, commercial capabilities and support functions for the pharmaceutical, food, supplements, agri-chemical, forensic and government sectors.   

The new S&I unit will include LGC’s UK National Roles of Government Chemist and the UK designated National Measurement Institute for chemistry and bioanalysis and teams that facilitate new product development and innovation across the wider LGC Group.

Tim Robinson, LGC’s Chief Executive, said, “The new business structure will better enable us to deliver growth and operational excellence in our laboratory and managed services. It will drive greater synergy and flexibility between businesses which, in many areas, have similar capabilities.

“Science and Innovation will enhance our capability to develop, share and communicate our significant scientific knowledge and expertise from across the group.  Furthermore, it will be an incubator for LGC, fostering and driving innovation while increasing our energies in science leadership and new product development.

“I am delighted that Derek Craston will support science across our whole group and Jeremy Cook's team will focus on delivery to our customers.”

The structure of LGC’s Genomics and Standards units remain unchanged.