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As a provider of genotyping products and services for over 10 years, LGC takes great pride in helping customers everyday to obtain high quality genotyping results that advance their research goals.

KASP genotyping services

Our genotyping service laboratories in Europe and North America provide a convenient, fast and reliable way to obtain genotyping data. We have successfully implemented more than 20,000 individual genotyping projects and generated a billion genotyping data points for customers worldwide - spanning the AgBio, Biopharma, and academic segments of the life science research industry. We have successfully genotyped DNA from over a hundred different organisms.

KASP genotyping chemistry

Our patented PCR-based KASP™ assays, in conjunction with KASP Master mix, is at the heart of our product and service offering. Not only does our KASP genotyping chemistry generate superb data quality, but it also outperforms competing technologies in terms of the percentage of assays that can be validated and the types of polymorphisms that can be scored, including large/mega InDels (insertions/deletions). Whether provided as a product or a service, inherent cost advantages with KASP genotyping enables us to deliver significant cost savings to our customers.

LGC now have a database of pre-designed assays to public domain human SNPs that are available as part of our product offering. Our KASP Genotyping Assays are available to browse from our Assay Search tool. You can also view pricing and place an order online.


The SNPline™ laboratory workflow instrumentation, produced by the laboratory instrument team at LGC, provides the ultimate solution in flexible genotyping in any laboratory setting. Each SNPline can be provided with our proprietary Kraken™ software package to enable complete experimental workflow management including sample entry, DNA extraction and storage, assay design, sequencing, genotyping and data analysis.

Nexar® and IntelliQube®

The Array Tape® platforms Nexar and IntelliQube provide fully automated extreme lab efficiency at ultra high-throughput levels. In combination with KASP™ genotyping assays and reagents the Nexar liquid handling and assay processing system drives laboratory productivity and efficiencies required in end-point genotyping laboratories today. 
IntelliQube is the first fully inline automated high-throughput instrument for qPCR and end-point featuring seamless integration of liquid handling, thermal cycling, detection and data analysis.
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KASP genotyping PCRs:

Over a billion KASP™ genotyping PCRs completed! Watch how many we do while you are browsing our site - works out at over 11 a second!