August 2021

In China for China - LGC ASSURE


Virtual Event

Supply chains have grown in length and complexity in recent years. The value of goods traded globally has tripled to more than $10 trillion annually, creating supply chains that are harder to manage, less resilient and more opaque. The emergence of ESG as a key driver of investment decision making means brand owners, manufacturers and retailers need greater visibility of standards and practices across their supply networks. Thanks to the proliferation of digital and social channels poor supply chain practices and product integrity failures are increasingly vulnerable to exposure and consumer activism. The result is that product integrity is under greater challenge than ever before and the risk of exposure is increasing. Forces are combining to create the need for a more connected approach to supply chain assurance, with the emphasis on ever improving performance rather than compliance with minimum standards. LGC ASSURE offers a series of connected solutions that verifies product integrity and protects brand reputation and consumers through Assessment and Analysis focused on systems, product performance, and processes giving you Actionable Insight in terms of Data Management.

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