September 2019

DMDG Open Meeting


Cambridge, UK

Our Drug Development Solutions team are attending and exhibiting at the DMDG Open Meeting.

The DMDG is an informal World-wide association for scientists engaged in research and development within the drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and related disciplines of the pharmaceutical industry.

The meeting kicks off with a Keynote Lecture by Dr Richard Peck, Head of Clinical Pharmacology at Roche, followed by sessions covering biologics biotransformation and the importance of the gut microbiome, together with the popular poster blitz session. Sessions on the following days will include PEGylated protein development, AI in DMPK, drug discovery in the ‘Beyond rule of 5’ space, QSP and PBPK modelling approaches, challenges associated with development of orally dosed biologicals and a free communications session.


For more information, or to register please visit: DMDG