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The complete service solution for plant genomics


  • Cost effective = more samples & SNPs = faster to new traits = faster to market
  • Convenient “all-in-one” service package - no lab required
  • Better data quality with LGC’s plant sample collection kit
  • Including support from your dedicated project manager

Price per sample in £ 

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LGC’s new cost effective service package includes

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Price in €


“LGC’s high-throughput and fast turnaround times produced high-resolution data that was crucial for validating our research and getting it published ahead of the field.” Allen van Deynze, UC Davis

What happens next?


  1. You request information / quotation above and confirm you’re satisfied with the information.
  2. LGC sends you the appropriate number of plant sample collection kits for your program size.
  3. You fill the plant kits with leaf samples and ship the kits back to LGC with a list of the markers you would like to genotype on your samples.
  4. We confirm sample receipt and perform the DNA extraction and Genotyping in our service labs.
  5. You receive the data within six weeks from sample receipt.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us