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ParaDNA® Systems

LGC ParaDNA Instruments deliver DNA results in just 75 minutes

LGC ParaDNA® Instruments provide a simple, fast and reliable way to profile DNA samples, providing rapid options to identify individuals, or screen and triage biological samples. Improve submissions success rates, and effectively allocate investigative personnel to gain rapid investigational outcomes in the quickest possible time.
  • Invest to Save
Develop more reliable, targeted and cost-effective submissions policies - demonstrated savings cover instrument purchase within months/several hundred samples
  • More objective submissions policies
Triage crime scenes effectively and screen-in fewer samples, while catching more vital evidence – reduce reliance on subjectivity and predefined sample numbers but confidently include touch DNA evidence likely to deliver profiles
  • Identify suspects and link scenes
Integrated software effortlessly excludes/links suspects to a scene, or links one crime scene to another with ‘search and compare’ functionality
  • Allocate staff resource earlier and more cost effectively
Early intelligence enables optimization of forensic, policing or military personnel deployment to achieve the quickest successful investigational outcomes
  • Augment current forensic strategy
Unlike Rapid DNA approaches, only a tiny fraction of the sample is removed, leaving the user free to submit the remainder for full forensic analysis
  • Easy to use
Follow a simple four step process to get results, fast - generate DNA profile information in 75 minutes that can also determine which crime stains require laboratory STR processing, and which do not

The ParaDNA System is designed for use in the military, forensics, law enforcement and security sectors
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ParaDNA Laboratory Instrument  
ParaDNA Field Portable Instrument
The LGC ParaDNA® System is designed such that it can be operated by non-experts, and is currently demonstrating utility for developing early tactical intelligence at the point of need by users in forensics, law enforcement, military and security operations. Versions of the system are also in use within companion diagnostics, pharmacogenetic profiling and infectious disease applications. Assay development can be a relatively straight forward approach using HyBeacons technology, and the software on the system can be customized for specific additional uses where a strong interest is present. Contact us for more information.

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