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KASP genotyping chemistry

KASP™ is our proprietary genotyping technology.

The KASP genotyping reaction comprises three components:

KASP Master mix and KASP Assay mix are used in-house for our genotyping service projects but can also be purchased to run KASP genotyping reactions in your own laboratory.

KASP technology

KASP Assay mix

The KASP Assay mix is specific to the SNP or InDel to be targeted and consists of two competitive, allele-specific forward primers and one common reverse primer. Each forward primer incorporates an additional tail sequence that corresponds with one of two universal FRET (fluorescent resonance energy transfer) cassettes present in the KASP Master mix. All custom KASP assays are available with the additional assay validation service.

KASP Master mix

KASP Master mix contains the two universal FRET cassettes (FAM and HEX), ROX™ passive reference dye, Taq polymerase, free nucleotides and MgCl2 in an optimised buffer solution.


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