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KASP genotyping services

The KASP™ genotyping chemistry delivers accurate, flexible and cost-effective genotyping service solutions. Using our PCR-based KASP genotyping assay, in conjunction, with KASP Master mix, LGC is able to provide complete genotyping services to our customers. We run the largest genotyping laboratory of its kind in the world. We have a track record of delivering the highest quality data, delivering break-through cost savings across a huge range of project types, and working with hundreds of different species.

Genotyping and all-inclusive services

Service Express
All-inclusive services
Detailed information More information More information More information
Prices Starting at <£0.15 per datapoint Starting at  <£0.10 per datapoint Starting at £0.95 per sample
(more info)
2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks
Faster bespoke turnaround times available on request. Please contact us for more information.

How to set up a genotyping project

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