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Genotyping instruments

Our laboratory instrumentation portfolio:

SNPline the flexible & highly scalable lab workflow for PCR-based genotyping

RepliKator™ and K-pette

Automated microtitre plate replication and reformatting of source DNA-plates – chose from two platforms 


Liquid dispensing at high speed with non-contact technology 


High-throughput water bath-based thermal cycling for highest uniformity of results

Fusion™3 and Kube™

Sealing of any plate type with our Plate sealing  instruments utilising heat or laser technologies

Barcode readers

Barcode readers - full range of 2D barcode tube rack and handheld scanners

Plate reader

Fluorescence detection of assays in 384 or 1536 well plates - FLUOstar Omega F and PHERAstar

Nexar® Modular, liquid handling and assay processing for ultra high-throughput inline processing of nanoliter volumes in 96- and 384-well Array Tape®.


Ultra high-throughput endpoint PCR thermal cycler leveraging a 3-chamber water bath.


Fully automated ultra high-throughput inline fluorescence detection of assays in ArrayTape
  technology by Douglas Scientific logo

IntelliQube® First fully automated high-throughput instrument for end-point and qPCR


High-throughput water bath thermal cycling utilised for end-point PCR application on IntelliQube
  technology by Douglas Scientific logo
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