Jessica, R&D Director

Jessica, R&D Manager

What does your role at LGC entail?

As the R&D Director I work with marketing to ensure all projects in the pipeline are prioritised. My focus is to research and develop new products for commercial sale that exceed our customers' expectations. I manage the assignment of projects to lead scientists and oversee the training of new employees. I also work closely with business development on new OEM projects entering the R&D pipeline.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

My passion for project management and, specifically design and management of scientific experiments, is a challenging but enjoyable role. My true passion is mentoring newer technicians on their path to becoming scientists.

What has been your proudest moment at LGC?

I have two proudest moments at LGC. The first was when our brand new technician was selected to present a poster at our 175th anniversary celebration and how happy and confident this made her in her work. The second was when two of our R&D teams were finalists in the year end awards last May 2018. 

"Flexible working hours have been critical to my work at LGC, plus the subsequent support from senior management. It has allowed me to ensure a work life balance that lets me enjoy my young son’s life while still getting my job done. As someone suffering from health-related issues, the flexibility and understanding has also allowed me to continue working with my team."

Jessica, R&D Manager