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Recruitment agencies

As of January 2016, LGC operates an Agency Preferred Supplier List (PSL). LGC will only pay a fee for candidates submitted or presented by the PSL, who have signed an LGC approved supplier agreement. LGC will not pay a fee for candidate(s) submitted or presented to LGC by a recruitment supplier or agency without an LGC approved supplier agreement. LGC may approach such candidates independently, without the involvement of the non-preferred recruitment agency or supplier, with no financial or other liability to the agency or supplier.

For all our recruitment supplier partners, who have a signed supplier agreement with LGC, please refer to the Human Resources Team for our current openings and track the status of your submitted candidates.

Our preferred supplier list is reviewed as business requirements demand. If you would like to be considered as a potential recruitment partner, please send your company details to us by email to