Cell based assays

With over 50 years’ experience of bioanalytical capabilities we have contributed to a wide variety of biopharmaceutical drug development programmes.

In support of these development programmes, we have developed and validated a range of cell based assays which can provide support for:

  • Product characterisation
  • Stability assessment
  • Clinical trial material and product batch release testing
  • Neutralising antibody activity as part of immunogenicity screening.

Cell based potency assays

Cell based potency assays are challenging and require an in-depth understanding of the biology of the system under investigation. We have a highly qualified team experienced in cell based assays and provide expertise capable of supporting candidate selection. We develop and validate methods to satisfy the requirements of

ICHQ6B and for product release and stability using the following assay types:

  • Ligand binding
  • Cell signalling
  • Cell migration
  • Cell inhibition and proliferation
  • Receptor binding
  • Receptor activation