LGC Environmental policy

LGC has over 175 years’ experience in analytical science. LGC accepts and promotes the environmental obligations and responsibilities placed upon it.

LGC is committed to the continuous improvement of its environmental performance. The Group Environmental Manual provides the framework for local Environmental Management Systems aligned with ISO 14001:2015 principles. LGC’s Environmental Manual also provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

LGC is committed to complying with all applicable national and local environmental regulatory requirements. LGC seeks to protect the environment by integrating the prevention of pollution within the management of its business operations and reducing the environmental impact of its activities in order to protect the health and safety of employees and surrounding communities and ecosystems.

LGC has appointed personnel across the organisation, with a remit to advise on and monitor compliance with applicable environmental requirements, instigate the adoption of best practices and seek ways in which LGC can improve its environmental performance.


LGC endeavors, where possible, to match its energy usage to its business requirements, making sure that waste is reduced and patterns of demand are optimised. Staff receive environmental awareness training in order to play an active role in reducing energy consumption. The control of energy and materials consumption, along with the responsible management of our waste, are key to
LGC’s efforts to improve environmental performance and reduce our Carbon Footprint.


LGC waste production activities are aligned with waste hierarchy principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and dispose. When production of waste is unavoidable, we operate a waste segregation policy. Where possible, waste is re-used or sent for re-cycling rather than disposal. The reduction in the generation of waste materials is at the forefront of LGC’s efforts in reducing our impact on the environment.

The Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees and made publicly available on LGC’s website. All LGC staff and contractors working at LGC sites are required to adhere to the requirements of the local Environmental Management System and to be aware of the contents of this policy.

Tim Robinson, CEO
October 2020

Download the PDF version here: Environmental policy