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06 Sep NHS England announces winners for Knowledge Transfer Partnership 2018

The Programme will allow the 9 successful healthcare scientists to work alongside other leading scientists

23 Aug The NML & Analysis for Innovators: back for Round 3!

The latest round of the A4I programme from Innovate UK has now opened with up to £3M available

22 Aug The NML publishes first digital PCR reference method for quantifying a clinically relevant genetic change

NML scientists demonstrate quantification of DNA changes relevant to cancer treatment with dPCR

06 Aug Second edition of FIRMS good practice guide for isotope ratio mass spectrometry published

The NML has collaborated with the FIRMS Network to update the Good Practice Guide for IRMS

31 Jul NML one of first laboratories to install new TOFWERK instrument

This state-of-the-art technology forms part of the development of a unique novel measurement facility within the NML

24 Jul National Measurement Laboratory Annual Review 2017 now available

The latest edition of the Annual Review of our activities as the UK NML is available