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Government Chemist Annual Review 2016 available to download

18 Sep 2017

The Government Chemist Annual Review provides highlights from the referee cases, advisory work and research carried out during the year, including:

  •  aflatoxins - evaluating the levels of these toxins in seeds, spices and nuts
  •  food authenticity - assessing geographical origin and botanical source of honey
  •  allergens - analysing sulphites in food containing interfering ingredients such as garlic
  •  quantifying protein allergens - assessing the recovery of proteins from processed food for immunoassay and mass spectrometry analysis
  •  horizon scanning - identifying adjustments which might be required in the Government Chemist programme so it can deliver against longer-term changes
  •  knowledge transfer and dissemination - summary of events and activities undertaken to maximise the reach of the work performed by the Government Chemist team

In addition, the Review outlines our regulatory advisory activities which include consultation responses and legislation updates.

To download the Annual Review please click here.

LGC hosts the unique function of the ‘Government Chemist’, providing expert opinion, based on independent measurement to help avoid or resolve disputes pertaining predominantly to food and agriculture, and advice to Government, devolved administrations and the wider community dependent on analytical science.