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LGC scientist co-edits Biomolecular Detection and Quantification special issue on digital PCR

09 Dec 2016
Scientists from the Molecular and Cell Biology team at LGC have made a significant contribution to the latest themed issue of the open access journal Biomolecular Detection and Quantification (BDQ) on digital PCR.

Jim Huggett, Principal Scientist at LGC and Senior Lecturer in Analytical Biology at the University of Surrey as well as managing editor of BDQ, edited this special issue alongside Valerie Taly (Research Director, University Paris Descartes). This themed issue includes seven papers from experts in a wide range of fields, highlights recent high quality work in this area and demonstrates new applications of dPCR as well as providing guidance on how to apply the method with the greatest accuracy.

Work performed by researchers in the Molecular and Cells team at LGC and their collaborators are featured in two original papers in this issue. This demonstrates the range and quality of digital PCR work performed at LGC. The first article, led by LGC’s Gerwyn Jones and Eloise Busby, and including collaborators from University College London Hospital, demonstrates clearly that dPCR has the potential to achieve a far greater dynamic range than has previously been thought. The second article, written by Alexandra Whale and in collaboration with Bio-Rad, details exactly how to analyse multiple targets using dPCR, increasing the number of genetic targets that can be measured in a single experiment.

Jim says, “At two years old BDQ is growing as a journal that underpins good quality experimental analysis for biology and we now have PubMed citation and expect an impact factor next year. This special issue exemplifies this with seven papers from experts in a wide variety of fields applying digital PCR. At the forefront of this with two manuscripts is the Molecular and Cells team at LGC and I want to thank them for their incredibly skilled and dedicated work.”
Biomolecular Detection and Quantification (BDQ) is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to championing excellence in molecular study design, measurement, data analysis and reporting. Its focus is on the application of qualitative and quantitative molecular methodologies to all areas of clinical and life sciences.