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Our innovative genomics equipment underpin feature on UK TV

22 Sep 2015
Tags:  Genomics
How DO manufacturers make sure that our sandwiches with tomatoes don’t get soggy when purchasing them? 
An episode of Food Unwrapped​, broadcast recently on More4 in the UK featured our KASP and SNPline technologies being used at the Bayer subsidiary, Nunhems. 
The well plates on the SNPline are clearly seen, along with a Meridian assay dispenser, in the programme looking at how tomatoes which have thicker cell walls and retain moisture when cut are being developed by plant breeders. 
Presenter Kate Quilton discussed with scientists how genomics is increasingly impacting our daily lives. Molecular breeding of these new “Intense” creates plants which are more suitable for customers’ needs and uses. The producers of the tomatoes explained how they used a method of cross pollination between two different types of tomatoes to create a new type that contains almost no juice. 
Our technologies are helping companies like this to further research and develop different types of genes in foods we eat, to improve them and breed a better and stronger version. They enable scientists to identify genetic markers in plants to feed the ever changing world and improve global food variety. 
This is why you will never have to eat a soggy sandwich ever again.
Check out the episode in full.