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LGC launches new meat speciation service

29 Aug 2013
Tags:  BiologicalFood
While the horsemeat stories have moved off the front pages of our newspapers there is still the ongoing requirement for due diligence testing of raw, processed and convenience foods. 
LGC is pleased to announce the launch of its new low cost, multi-speciation service for raw and processed meats and meat products. 
This new service utilises LGC’s patented PCR-based KASP™ genotyping technology with high throughput laboratory automation within the ISO17025 accredited facility at Teddington.  This enables LGC to offer testing to the market at a lower cost than generally seen within the industry for DNA analysis. 
Victoria Moore, LGC’s Specialist DNA Scientist commented “The service has been successfully developed with the knowledge and expertise of LGC’s scientists across Health Sciences, Genomics and Forensics disciplines.  This has given us the opportunity to offer a new, market leading service that also has the potential to be developed into other areas where there is concern in food authenticity.  At this point, we are entering the market with a new speciation service enabling us to detect a variety of species including Beef, Pork, Horse, Lamb, Turkey and Chicken at a low level of detection, while further species are in the development process.”
Early in 2013, the horsemeat episode exposed the presence of various species in both raw and processed meats sold across the UK. Consequently, meat speciation detectors, which can accurately detect the presence of a range of species in various meats, have become increasingly important in tackling food fraud in the UK and elsewhere. The development of a fast and cost-effective meat speciation service by LGC is an important step in keeping food fraud under control.
Further information on the service can be obtained by contacting us at: