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LGC ranks number one in DNA sequencing survey

05 Dec 2013
LGC continues to lead the way, again ranking top of the DNA sequencing SQ 2/13 – technical performance compiled by RfB (Referenzinstitute für Bioanalytik) in November 2013.

Knut Mohr, EMEA Sales Manager of the LGC Genomics sequencing business unit in Berlin, said, “We are delighted once again to have been ranked the best out of 60 sequencing facilities. It is great recognition of the expertise within our team and that our customers expect. Our many years of experience in sequencing enables us to offer the very highest levels of quality in our sequencing laboratories and support other elements for customer’s projects in extraction and genotyping.”

A total of 60 laboratories from 17 countries participated in the survey, including 24 German facilities. The participants were each given two PCR products and associated primer sets and asked to sequence the PCR products and analyse the resulting sequencing data in order to generate concordant DNA sequence data and the longest read lengths. The results from each laboratory were ranked according to accuracy and read length. LGC achieved the highest score for overall technical performance.

The certificate is available upon request at

Source: Survey for DNA sequencing Referenzinstitute für Bioanalytik by DGKL; 2013