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Greater high throughput PCR consistency than ever before with the new 1536-well PCR plate from LGC

14 Jan 2013
Tags:  Genomics

LGC has launched an updated 1536-well microtitre plate, which will deliver greater consistency for high throughput PCR-based genomics applications.

Investment in upgraded manufacturing and production capability at LGC Genomics has delivered a new, high-density PCR plate that will help drive efficiency in PCR dependent analysis in laboratories around the world.

The new plate production process, which has included the lengthy task of developing new tooling systems, has enabled a high density PCR with improved well size and shape consistency, identical wall thickness between wells and an increased capacity to withstand shrinkage during PCR thermal cycling. Key to the production process has been the procurement of an increased source of raw material for manufacture which ensures batch-to-batch variation is minimised and the ability to produce plates for very high throughput customers is available where required.

An improved bar code application process has also been implemented to allow easier bar code reading on a range of different robotic platforms. Although designed originally for use with the company’s own SNPline laboratory workflow instrumentation, the suitability of the new plate design for use on any standardised industry platform has been a key aspect of development.

Each batch of plates is vacuum-tested for well integrity and for suitability in both water bath and Peltier based PCR systems, ensuring quality control and consistency of result. The plates are able to be sealed with almost any plate seal type and can be used in conjunction with the FusionTM laser sealing technology to deliver a dependable sealing solution for use in water bath thermal cycling.

Jon Curtis, Manufacturing Director with LGC Genomics, commented: “The new PCR plate is another step forward in our processing as we strive to deliver ever greater efficiency in PCR workflows. Consistency of results is key to successful high throughput PCR and to what we offer our customers. The development of the new tooling system has been a complex task and an exciting engineering challenge and we are delighted with the result.”

LGC Genomics and KBioscience have been at the forefront of driving PCR improvement for high throughput genomics for more than 10 years, delivering solutions that have helped drive the miniaturisation of singleplex genotyping analysis in volumes down to just 1µL. The new plate, now incorporated into the company’s own genomics laboratory analysis, is another integral step in this process, enabling greater PCR consistency both in house and in the laboratories of an expanding global customer base.