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LGC Standards provides reference materials to support dioxin testing of eggs from Germany

25 Jan 2011

Wide range of reference materials available to support testing for dioxin in food and feed

Recent scares relating to dioxin contamination of food and feed products have drawn attention to the need for sufficient testing procedures to ensure food safety.

Eggs, pork and poultry products contaminated with dioxins were potentially distributed worldwide from Germany after several thousand tonnes of contaminated fatty acids intended only for industrial use was discovered in feed for chickens and pigs.

German and European regulatory authorities have said that the levels of dioxin present in food are not dangerous to human health.

Dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are chemicals that can also get into our food from the environment. Long term exposure can cause cancer, or damage to the immune and reproductive systems. Laboratories testing products for the presence of dioxins and other contaminants require reference standards and materials to ensure the accuracy of results, and the validity of their testing methods.

LGC Standards has a comprehensive range of reference materials for the analysis of dioxins, PCBs and related environmental contaminants, to assist testing laboratories. The range has been recently complemented by the addition of dioxin and dioxin-like reference samples from BioDetection Systems (BDS).

BDS DR CALUX® certified reference materials are designed for analysis of food and feed, and are the only reference materials with values around the current EU limits measured by bioassays.

This food safety scandal follows the last dioxin scare in Europe in 2008, when unacceptable levels of the contaminant were found in mozzarella cheese produced in Italy.

For further information or to place an order for the BDS DR CALUX® certified reference materials, or any of LGC Standards environmental contaminants range, please contact us at:

Notes to editors

About BioDetection Systems

BioDetection Systems B.V. is a Dutch company located in the Science Park in Amsterdam providing biological detection systems for the determination of very low levels of high toxicity materials. Linked to the prestigious Vrije Universiteit, we are able to draw on a full range of specialist technical resources. As recognised experts in the area of toxicology and exposure to highly potent materials, BDS personnel have extensive experience of providing high quality biological and analytical solutions to complex problems, including those needing innovation and novel approaches.

Key sectors currently using BDS’ resources include the following:

  • Food and feed
  • Industrial / manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Regulatory
  • Property

and other diverse sectors.

As a unique resource, we operate globally.  With clients distributed worldwide, we are able to bring our technologies directly to you. For other advantages of BDS’ CALUX® bioassays system in comparison to other methods, visit our website at