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LGC Standards partners with PRIMACYT to improve access to hepatocytes for drug discovery research

15 Feb 2011
Tags:  Standards

mproved access to fresh hepatocyte cells for drug discovery researchers

LGC Standards is delighted to announce the addition of the PRIMACYT range of in-vitro products and services to its portfolio of life science research and drug discovery products. PRIMACYT currently offers hepatocyte cells to the drug discovery research community throughout Europe and the partnership with LGC Standards will facilitate a wider distribution of these cells and allow greater access to these important in-vitro models.

The drug development community recognises the need for improved in-vitro modelling systems and the collaboration between LGC – which holds the designated role as the UK's National Measurement Institute for chemical and bioanalytical measurement – and highly innovative companies such as PRIMACYT provides an ideal platform from which to develop new and more effective in-vitro systems and to facilitate their distribution.

Elizabeth Jordain, Managing Director of LGC Standards commented: “We are delighted to add the PRIMACYT in-vitro products and services to our drug discovery products and services portfolio. The application and development of improved in-vitro systems as predictors of in-vivo response is a key area of focus for our ADMETox business and we believe the partnership with PRIMACYT creates an ideal opportunity for our two companies to work together to develop improved systems for in-vitro analysis. We expect that the PRIMACYT collaboration will offer opportunities to expand both the range of products available in the PRIMACYT portfolio and to develop new distribution channels for these important model systems for the drug discovery and development community.”

Dieter Runge, Managing Director of PRIMACYT said, “We have seen significant increase in the demand for fresh hepatocytes to support in-vitro research and our partnership with LGC Standards offers an ideal platform from which to implement our product development and expanded distribution initiatives.”

Notes to editors


PRIMACYT Cell Culture Technology GmbH, located in the technology and business park in Schwerin, Germany, provides services in the area of in-vitro technologies for pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Human and animal hepatocytes are offered as biosensoric assay systems for pharmacologic-toxicological analyses of drugs and for analysis of chemicals and environmental substances.

With HEPAC2, the human hepatocyte cell culture system developed by PRIMACYT, clinical functional liver parameters in patients should be better predetermined than by animal studies. Since 2006 PRIMACYT offers studies in compliance with GLP, a quality control system demanded from international administration authorities for accreditation of newly developed drugs.