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LGC Standards partners with Gentronix to distribute human cell-based genotoxicity testing kits

21 Oct 2010
Tags:  Standards

GreenScreen HC® and BlueScreen HC™ offer improved genotoxicity testing models

LGC Standards is delighted to announce the addition of human cell genotoxicity testing kits (GreenScreen HC® and BlueScreen HC™) from Gentronix to its portfolio of life science research and drug discovery products. GreenScreen HC and BlueScreen HC are human cell based assays for determining the potential genotoxic effects of new drug candidates earlier in the discovery process, using a human based model which has been shown to be more predictive of the in vivo response than traditional tests based on prokaryotic cells.

Early accurate screening conducted with GreenScreen HC or BlueScreen HC human (TK6) cell based assays gives rapid results. Both assays use patented gene reporter systems with either Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) or Gaussia Luciferase (G.Luc) to detect up-regulation of GADD-45a, a key P53 dependant response element in the DNA stress pathway. The assays require only milligram quantities of material and give results in just 48 hours. Both assays can also be conducted in the presence of S9 to detect pro-genotoxins.

The GADD-45a reporter system provides high sensitivity and specificity, ideally suited for the accurate detection of all classes of genotoxins with very low levels of false positive results.

Dr Matthias Brommer, Director, LGC Standards commented, “We are delighted to add the Gentronix genotox kits to our drug discovery products and services portfolio. The application of human cell models combined with different reporter formats offer significant benefits to the drug discovery community and we are pleased to announce the expanded scope of our collaboration with the Gentronix team.”

John Nicholson, Chairman and Chief Executive of Gentronix said, “We have seen significant increase in the demand for GreenScreen HC and BlueScreen HC reagent kits and look forward to working with LGC Standards to bring these important assays to an even wider audience.”