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AGOWA genomics ranked top in DNA sequencing survey

15 Jan 2010

Berlin-based DNA sequencing and extraction specialist, AGOWA genomics, is ranked top in a DNA sequencing survey for the third time

LGC’s AGOWA genomics business has been ranked first for technical performance in the SQ2/09 DNA sequencing survey conducted by RfB (Referenzinstitut für Bioanalytik), Bonn, Germany. This latest success follows its successful top rankings in both the 2008 (SQ2/08) and 2009 (SQ1/09) DNA sequencing surveys.

In the SQ2/09 survey, a total of 37 laboratories from 13 European countries participated, including 18 German facilities. Each participating laboratory was provided with two PCR products and associated primer sets. The laboratories were asked to sequence the PCR products and analyse the resulting sequencing data in order to generate concordant DNA sequence data and the longest read lengths. The results from each laboratory were ranked according to accuracy and read length. AGOWA genomics was awarded the highest score for overall technical performance in the SQ2/09 survey, thus achieving the highest possible ranking within three consecutive surveys.

Commenting on this latest success, Dr Steffen Krüger, General Manager of Berlin-based AGOWA genomics, commented: “To be ranked most accurate out of 37 European laboratories over a period over one-and-a-half years is evidence of our continuing dedication to provide outstanding sequencing services for our customers”.

The SQ2/08, SQ1/09 and SQ2/09 certificates and further information about AGOWA genomics are available upon request at email:

Source: Survey for DNA sequencing SQ2/08 by DGKL; 2009, Survey for DNA sequencing SQ1/09 by DGKL; 2009; Survey for DNA sequencing SQ2/09 by Referenzinstitut für Bioanalytik 2009.