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All-inclusive services

In industries such as livestock breeding, aquaculture and plant breeding, there is an increasing need to find markers for superior production traits. To achieve this, cost effective genotyping is required. However, often the genotyping costs per datapoint are only the tip of the iceberg… To ensure the total project costs are transparent, LGC has developed the all-inclusive service packages with unprecedented cost efficiencies for larger numbers of samples and SNPs.
The simple, all-inclusive DNA extraction and KASP genotyping service offering includes KASP Genotyping assay design, DNA extraction and KASP™ genotyping services, and is delivered from our global state-of-the-art laboratories. For plant samples our convenient plant sample collection kit is also included.

LGC's cost effective, all-inclusive service makes it feasible and even simple to genotype large sample and SNP numbers.

LGC's complete service package is available for the following industries: (click on your chosen industry to see pricing information)


To ensure the most competitive price per sample, we have reduced the cost of all the services. Some examples of orject prices include:

  • 25,000 plant leaf samples genotyped with 2 SNPs = $1.50 per sample, including plant sample collection kit, DNA extraction, new assay design and genotyping services.
  • 400 cattle ear punches genotyped with 96 SNPs = $13.20 per sample, including DNA extration, new assay design and genotyping services.
  • 3100 fish fin clips genotyped with 500 new SNPs = $13.00 per sample, including DNA extraction, new assay design and genotyping services (please enquire for pricing on higher SNP numbers)

For the full pricing tables in USD, GBP and EUR, see the industry pages.


The all-inclusive service is ideal for:

  • Genomic selection
  • Fingerprinting
  • Marker-assisted selection
  • Population genotyping
  • Marker-assisted backcrossing
  • Characterising training / reference populations
  • Molecular mapping
  • Marker-assisted recurrent selection
  • QTL mapping