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Firearms and Ballistics

Working adjacent to the National Firearms Centre within the Royal Armouries at Leeds, LGC's scientists have immediate access to the Armouries’ vast collections of weapons and ammunition (and associated expertise) for reference and test firing to assist with specific cases.

Our firearms services include standard packages for fast, cost-effective routine work such as:

  • Weapon identification and classification
  • Ammunition identification and classification
  • Historical weapons classification and determination of origin
  • Comparison of ammunition with weapon and damage
  • Uploading of identifications and classifications to national databases
  • Specialist analysis and recovery of Taser evidence
Bespoke services cover all aspects of firearms examinations, including detailed comparisons and scene reconstructions.

As a full service forensics provider, we support our firearms services with other kinds of forensics expertise to ensure that all avenues can be properly explored, prioritised and exploited to answer questions in specific cases. Our Leeds facility is equipped to deal directly with two of the most common types of associated evidence – fingerprints and DNA.

LGC's gunshot residues analysis is carried out at our separate, purpose built, state-of-the-art unit at Tamworth to avoid the risk of cross contamination and resultant compromise to evidence.