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Anti-infective drug development
and surveillance

Discovery and development of antimicrobials

We have more than 25 years’ experience in providing specialist microbiology services to support the discovery and development of antimicrobials.  With a flexible and innovative approach, we are focused on providing you with the answers to help progress your goals.

Specialist microbiology services

We have an extensive isolate collection and our microbiologists provide a bespoke and specialised service. Supporting all phases of the drug development pipeline, we have particular strengths in discovery screening, preclinical efficacy and safety, veterinary products and clinical trials support.
We will help you to identify your lead molecules and ensure their efficacy after launch including:
  • Susceptibility testing via minimum inhibitory concentration (MICs)
  • Minimum bactericidal concentration (MBCs)
  • Checkerboard synergy/antagonism testing
  • Time-kill analysis and post antibiotic effect
  • Resistance development potential
  • Drug surveillance.

Our GLP accredited site with a containment level 3 facilities has dedicated laboratories for microbiology, molecular biology, immunochemistry and mass spectrometry. The European central lab of our partner, Clinical Reference Laboratory Inc. (CRL), is based on the same site, facilitating our close collaborative integrated service – QC Global™.