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Questioned documents

LGC Questioned Documents A document becomes questioned when some aspect of its authorship, origin or authenticity is unknown, and needs to be determined.  A questioned document may also contain a wealth of unseen evidence that can be detected using a range of complementary analyses techniques and specialised equipment.

Our forensic team can examine many aspects of handwritten, typed, photocopied, printed and computer generated documents.  These can include:
  • Legal documents, marriage certificates, pre-nuptial agreements and employment contracts.
  • Financial and security documents, credit card application forms, mortgage agreements, banknotes, bonds and vouchers.
  • Personal identification papers, passports and work permits
  • Counterfeit cheques
  • Benefit claim forms
  • Anonymous or malicious letters suicide notes
  • Agreements such as sale receipts and contacts
  • Ransom notes and threat letters
  • Graffiti

To find out more about Questioned documents or to read more about LGC's comprehensive range of computer forensic services please follow the link opposite.