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Other digital forensic services

With so many products able to store electronic data in so many ways, it is becoming harder for investigators to access, retrieve and make sense of information buried in and spread across a multitude of devices.
As new devices have emerged, our team has discovered and learned new ways of recovering data from them.


A digital camera with a memory card containing thousands of imaged can help to establish the events leading up to an incident. Once the camera settings for date and time information are found, images can be used in conjunction with other evidence to establish real-life events and usage and link potential suspects to a crime.

Cordless telephones

Forensic analysis can be carried out on a cordless telephone to obtain contact details and other information stored in the internal memory. This could help determine with whom the user has recently been in contact.

Fax machines

A fax machine's internal RAM can provide useful evidence to identify fraudulent behaviour in terms of copying restricted documents or images.

MP3 players

It is not an immediate reaction to think 'evidence' when coming across an MP3/MP4 player. But if it can store music/video it can also store data. We can forensically examine the data held on these devices and then present findings back to you in a format to suit your needs.

Satellite navigation forensics

Satellite navigation is a valuable source of information for the forensic investigator in connection with anything from burglaries and grooming to drug trafficking and murder, and corporate governance and compliance. Each device is unique and typically stores a myriad of data including points of interest, last routes taken, pre-programmed routes and home locations. We can recover all this data, often including deleted routes and locations. The information can then be plotted on a map, shown in a report or plotted on Google Earth.

If a particular device is not listed above, please use the contact form opposite to discuss your requirements.