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Forensic readiness

Post Incident

A forensic investigation of digital evidence is commonly employed as a post event response to a serious information security incident or computer related crime. LGC currently provide a professional digital forensics service, including a cyber incident response. The focus on this service is to bring businesses back to an operational state in the shortest time possible, while protecting and preserving and analysing any forensic evidence in order to rapidly establish the degree and causes of loss.

Preserve Digital evidence before an incident occurs

However LGC note that there are many circumstances where an organisation may benefit from the ability to gather and preserve digital evidence before an incident occurs.
Forensic readiness is the ability of an organization to maximise its potential to use digital evidence whilst minimizing the costs of an investigation.
The LGC Forensic Readiness Service ensures an organisation is thoroughly prepared for an incident and consists of those actions, technical and non-technical, that maximise an organisation’s ability to use digital evidence.
During a Cyber Incident, or alternatively an insider threat any computer data may be used in a formal investigative process and therefore subject to forensic practices. The ability of an organisation to secure this data is the focus of a project of this type. Its purpose is to support the business requirement to use digital evidence, if / when it is required.
To learn more about Forensic Readiness download our fact sheet LGC forensic readiness