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Court presentation

Legally acceptable expert evidence

We can produce expert evidence from imagery analysis. Our team has, over many years, developed and honed the production of jury bundles to make sure expert evidence is presented in a way that juries and court officers can understand. They have also pioneered the use of electronic projection for extra clarity. Such presentations are now widely accepted by courts throughout the legal system.

Accurate evidential reports

Our audio-visual analysts provide comprehensive reports, which include witness statements, methodologies, illustrations and references. The reports are brief, concise and accurately reflect the opinions of the analysts. They have substantial evidential value.

Jury bundles

Jury bundles help the jury to follow the presentation of imagery evidence. They are a compilation of pictures used in the report, with the text removed, and can be presented as hard copy or Microsoft PowerPoint© slides.

Courtroom equipment hire

The use of video, Microsoft PowerPoint© presentations, Microsoft Word© documents and other forms of presentation using video screens and/or computer monitors helps judges, court officers and juries to grasp complex subjects quickly.
We can provide equipment to project images and other forms of evidence onto courtroom monitors. Integrated with our courtroom presentation videos or DVDs, we can offer one, inclusive solution. Installations vary from a single projector and screen to a multi-monitor installation with integrated video, audio and computer data.
All of our technicians have security clearance from the Metropolitan Police and our technical support team is available throughout the trial to deal with any unexpected problems. User training can be given to make sure the user knows how to operate the equipment before the trial starts.
All our equipment adheres to industry standards and, although failure is rare, replacement units can be supplied quickly.
Booking periods are open-ended to account of the fact that it can be difficult to predict when a trial will end. We will arrange a suitable time to take the equipment away once the trial is over.