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Computer forensic analysis

Having identified which devices to interrogate, we take a forensic image of its contents to preserve the data in a form that can then be safely analysed. The original evidence is untouched and available for proceedings at later date.
Highly trained analysts will then examine these images for any evidence consistent with the allegations. Remember, for computer forensics evidence to be legally sound it should be preserved and analysed forensically by a properly qualified expert. While your own IT experts may have the know-how to uncover such evidence, this will not stand up in court.
Using a blend of experience, understanding and innovate tools and software, our analysts will carry out the search, recovery and analysis of all data stored on the device, including any that may be hidden in unallocated clusters where the user has tried to delete the file. Deletions only remove the pointer to the file, not its contents. The LGC Forensics team is able to carry out a full and complete computer forensic analysis on all types of media, using a blend of experience and innovative tools and software.
Strict quality assurance guidelines are applied, including the use of an auditable trail and peer-approved processes to maintain the integrity and continuity of the evidence. The accuracy of the copied data is verified and every step of the analysis fully documented according to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and Forensic Regulators guidelines for the handling of computer based evidence.
You will be kept fully informed of how your case is progressing and, once complete, we will give you a report in plain English explaining to what extent – if any – there is evidence of computer misuse. If needed, our analysts can also present expert witness evidence in court or at a tribunal, detailing the processes and procedures used in the computer misuse investigation and the conclusions that were reached.
Computer forensic services from LGC Forensics are expert, effective, affordable and designed to capture maximum computer forensic evidence with the minimum of delay and disruption