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Chronology of events and vehicle comparisons

In support of a major murder enquiry LGC were asked to view CCTV footage from a range of Town Centre, commercial property and private CCTV cameras to calculate the timings of the sightings of three vehicles seen at various locations and confirm the make and model of each.
After confirming the clock timings, and adjusting for known and identified differences in settings, each vehicle sighting was logged against a common timeline and the movement of each vehicle plotted on a map. The most appropriate views of each of the imaged vehicles were selected and compared against library examples of similar types of vehicle; enabling confirmation of the make and model and, in the case of one of the vehicles, the identification of a potential unique identifying mark.
As a result of further investigations the Police recovered suspect vehicles and requested that we assess whether they were the vehicles used in the incident. Working closely with the Police, a reconstruction of events was conducted that provided comparative imagery of the recovered vehicles from the same CCTV camera systems; the resultant closely matching views providing ideal images for comparison. We were unable to eliminate the recovered vehicles as candidates for those used in the incident, and were able to provide additional weight to the results of our earlier report. Based upon unique identification features we demonstrated a strong level of support for the contention that two of the suspect vehicles were used in the offence.
The resultant reports and supporting enhanced DVDs of the CCTV footage were pivotal in presenting the case in court and resulted in the conviction of the murderers and their accomplices.