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Benefit fraud

LGC were asked to examine a computer belonging to a person that had been claiming full invalidity benefit for an extended period due to a back injury. There was some doubt with regards to the validity of the claims in that, although they stated they had no means of generating income, their lifestyle seemed to suggest otherwise.
The forensic investigation recovered digital photographs on the claimant's holiday in America, showing them taking thrill seeking rides in theme parks, playing with their children in playgrounds and other activities.
The police also suspected the person was also involved in various illegal activities, and some of the photographs recovered from the computer showed the claimant with local known thieves, together with emails from contacts asking for specific goods, such as laptops.
Further investigation of the Internet browser history records showed a great deal of activity on eBay, and further analysis revealed over 100 eBay accounts. While each account had relatively small amounts of transactions, collectively they amounted to a substantial value. The suspicion was that a lot of the items sold on eBay were stolen goods.
A case with little more than suspicions resulted in a successful conviction due to the forensic recovery of a wealth of compelling evidence from a single computer.