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About digital and document forensic services

Digital and document forensic investigation is a service provided by LGC, the UK's largest privately owned forensic science service provider, which specialises in analysing  traditional document sources, computers, telephones and other data storage devices to discover evidence.

Document examiners and e-crime forensic experts often work together on complex cases to investigate and analyse questioned documents, fixed and mobile digital data storage media and CCTV footage. The team can also track the movement of suspects, witnesses and victims through cellular networks.

The information recovered and analysed from these sources routinely produces key evidence in court, delivered by expert witness testimony. Digital and document forensics integrates seamlessly with the broad range of services offered by our forensic science teams. Preservation for fingerprints, collection of DNA and dealing with items with potential biohazard contamination is just part of the service offered.

Our experience

LGC was one of the first forensic service providers to develop and dedicate laboratory resources to the analysis of digital evidence and leads the way in the formal accreditation of forensic processes and procedures. Digital and document evidence analysts and investigators come from a rich mix of law enforcement, military, academic and commercial backgrounds.

This expertise is complemented by hundreds more forensic scientists and a wide range of traditional forensic disciplines.
The digital and document forensics teams have many years' experience in working with law enforcement, civil litigation and large corporate organisations. Our service portfolio covers computer and telephone investigation, cell site analysis, audio-visual analysis and questioned document investigation.

Our Quality team

The quality of the work delivered is of the highest importance to LGC. The digital and document forensics unit is backed by a dedicated and fully independent quality team, comprising highly experienced quality professionals. The processes, procedures and work of the teams is subject to external review by these teams to ensure that our customers always receive the quality of work that they would expect, and deserve.

LGC is the UK's largest independent forensic services provider. Our growth is driven by our commitment to deliver a level of service and quality second to none in the industry. Our customers receive individual attention and each case is assigned a dedicated investigator to advise and to provide written reports and statements in plain, easy-to-understand English.
We recognised that the ever changing field of digital forensic technology can often be confusing and so we provide customer viewing suites, if required, to walk through each case and to assist us in delivering an individual and bespoke service to each and every customer.

Why choose us?

Although there are a wide range of digital forensics services and disciplines offered, the various teams jointly provide a single, managed and unified service. We can provide professional and unbiased advice on the most cost effective and efficient method to achieve your aims and objectives.