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Technical specifications

Workflow Totally automated:
  1. Transfer blood samples to the FLEX STAR’s unique tube units
  2. Load them onto the system
  3. Start the protocol and walk away à no intervention required
Sample tracking (optional)
  • Internal bar-code identification tracks each sample through the entire isolation process
  • Software provides a report that documents the position of each sample and all conditions and parameters of each run
  • An interface to LIMS system allows for downloading reports to your data base.
Technical details
  • Compact footprint
  • Build-in centrifuge
  • 7 independent motor driven syringes for liquid delivery
  • XYZ robot for workstation access
  • On-board mixing module
  • On-board heating module.
User interface / software
  • LCD touch screen for operator interface
  • User friendly easy to operate
  • Ability to modify parameters and store as new protocols
  • Ability to monitor the progress of the protocol
  • Restart function allows error correction and continuation of a run.

FLEX STAR centrifuge

Touch panel

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