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FLEX STAR is a robust, reliable and cost-effective solution for genomic DNA extractions from 1-10 mL whole blood samples using the proven FlexiGene chemistry.

Flex STAR+ - Fully automated genomic DNA extraction and isolation system; from primary sample final DNA storage tubes

  Robotic platform   FLEX STAR & FlexSTAR+
Chemistry FlexiGene chemistry and protocols
(Optimised for FLEX STAR & FlexSTAR+)
Sample volume 1.0 - 10 mL
Sample types
  • Blood samples 
  • Tissue samples
  • Cells
  • Oragene (DNA collected saliva samples).
Throughput 30 samples / run, 90 samples / day
Extraction technology Precipitation
DNA specifications
  • High quality and high yield genomic DNA
  • DNA ready for your next application or long-term storage by Biorepositories

Choose your required Application note and download

Fresh bloodFrozen Whole Blood 
(inc. Buffy Coat)
Fresh / Frozen 1-2 ml Whole Blood GENE PREP Plasmid BAC
Oragene • DNA Saliva GENE PREP Plant
Buccal Swabs (Tissue Protocol)  
Mouse Tail (Tissue)  

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FLEX STAR - genomic DNA extraction & isolation platform

FLEX STAR - deck