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NEW - FlexSTAR+ - Fully Automated Liquid Handling

The FlexSTAR+ platform allows fully automated large volume whole blood genomic DNA extraction and isolation from primary tube sampling to final DNA storage tubes.
The FlexSTAR+ seamlessly integrates sample handling to DNA transfer, allowing the combination of integrated sample mapping and tracking software to interface with your existing LIMS system, to complete the workflow

FlexSTAR+ workflow:

  1. Load bar-coded primary sample tubes onto the Liquid Handling Deck
  2. Sample bar-codes are scanned & transferred to the 5-postion sample tube racks
  3. Transfer 5-position tube racks for DNA extraction and isolation – genomic DNA
  4. Transfer extracted DNA solution into bar-coded matrix storage tube racks

Key benefits of the FlexSTAR+ with Fully Automated Liquid Handling

  • Fully automated genomic DNA extraction and isolation platform
  • Extraction from primary tube to final DNA matrix tube – simple, robust & reliable
  • DNA suitable for downstream processing (e.g. Southern Blotting) and biobanking 
  • Consistent, and cost effective high quality genomic DNA – 30 -150Kb, OD 1.8-1.9
  • High throughput - 90 samples (5 mL whole blood) per day 
  • FlexiGene chemistry and protocols common to FLEX STAR & FlexSTAR+
  • Automated mitigate potential risk/error in sample handling
  • Ease of operation, simple user interface
  • FlexSTAR+ will interface with all proprietary LIMS software 

FlexSTAR+  Fully automated genomic DNA extraction  & isolation platform