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National Measurement Institute

Welcome to our Chemical and Biological Metrology web pages. Here you will find all of the useful good practice guides, resources and information about LGC's work as the UK’s designated National Measurement Institute (NMI) for chemical and bio-measurement.

As a designated NMI, LGC is addressing the UK’s chemical and bio-measurement needs, which underpin the development and sustainability of the healthcare, food, environment, security and energy sectors. 

We are leading on the development of the UK bio-measurement system and its development internationally. We focus on high accuracy measurement research and calibration services as well as strengthening the traceability of measurements that underpin legislation, regulation and standardisation.

Reliable measurements promote competition and fairness in trade, underpin economic growth and stimulate  innovation. It can cut waste, increase productivity, reduce new product and process development times, ensure safety and support quality assurance.