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Forensic science

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LGC is a world leader in forensic science and the UK’s leading full service forensics provider. Working with all 43 Police Forces in England and Wales, HM Prison Service, HMRC and private organizations in volume crime, fraud and major criminal investigations, we bring a wealth of experience to your search for the truth.

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We offer the fullest range of high quality forensic science services, providing powerful assistance to those investigating or re-investigating criminal cases, or involved in settling civil or private disputes. Our scientists have the knowledge and understanding to discover, analyse and interpret the tiniest traces of evidence and to provide clear and simple expert evidence at court.

We deliver established and meticulously executed forensic science either at the crime scene or in one of our UK laboratories.

We also have two bases in Germany, delivering state-of-the-art DNA familial testing services throughout Europe, supported by our forensic science disciplines in the UK. We can access a wide range of other specialist teams across the LGC Group, including a close working relationship with the largest group of Home Office Pathologists, Forensic Pathway Services and a unique Victim Identification and Mass Fatalities Team.

LGC’s substantial investment in analytical instrumentation and R&D brings significant benefits to the range of novel investigation techniques available to LGC Forensics.

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LGC operates out of 22 countries, with laboratories and centres across Europe and the US, as well as sites in Brazil, China and India.

Tel: +44 (0)844 2641 999

Digital forensics

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