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20 Jan LGC joins multi-national effort to halt harmful rise in mercury levels

Scientists aim to solve challenges of measuring mercury in the environment

12 Nov LGC produces first material certified for carbon isotope ratios traceable to the SI

Glycine reference material will benefit food & drug testing labs, forensic analysts and research labs in the field of biogeochemistry

20 Oct LGC scientist to outline the importance of digital PCR for infectious disease detection

Jim Huggett to speak at the qPCR & Digital PCR Congress in London.

01 Oct LGC scientists outline strategy for minimising experimental error when using RT-qPCR

Study in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry discusses steps needed in gene expression measurement for accurate, reproducible analysis

03 Jul First peanut standard linked to clinical tests to improve allergen analysis

First peanut allergen QCM prepared in same way as oral food challenge materials