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27 Jan Science supporting trust in food

Dates announced for Government Chemist Conference 2016

01 Apr LGC experts talk to BBC World Service about fighting food crime

Three LGC experts explain the role that science plays in combatting food fraud.

26 Jan Michael Walker visits Hong Kong Accreditation Service

Michael Walker visited Hong Kong to work with the Hong Kong Accreditation Service, HKAS, and the Hong Kong Government Laboratory.

18 Dec Forensic analysis must be used to combat allergen fatalities

Paper published in Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture sees Michael Walker call for thorough investigation of food allergy deaths

01 Dec Government Chemist conference 2014: food fraud and beating the cheats

Experts outlined how science and regulation can combat food fraud during two-day conference

12 Nov Book by Friday for 'Beating the cheats' food fraud conference

Delegates have until 14 November to register for the Government Chemist conference on quality, safety and authenticity in the food chain.