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15 Oct LGC Forensics awarded East Midlands Region police forensic tender

LGC Forensics will soon commence work under the recently awarded East Midlands Region police forensic tender.

04 Aug Fighting the counterfeit drug war – LGC detects fake packaging using mass spectrometry

LGC is using high accuracy mass spectrometry (MS) for the first time to measure variations of calcium (Ca) and lead (Pb) isotope ratios.

22 Jul LGC Forensics leads success in the DNA analysis of Fromelles war grave samples

LGC Forensics has worked closely with the Australian and British Governments, Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Ministry of Defence.

28 Jun LGC Forensics responsible for DNA analysis success on WW1 casualties at the Imperial War Museum

LGC Forensics has been working on the specialised recovery and identification of soldiers who fell at the Battle of Fromelles.

25 Jun LGC Forensics leads the way in DNA technology at the Science Museum

LGC Forensics has been working closely with the Science Museum to assist with a display in its new Who am I? gallery.

25 Jun LGC Forensics showcases its latest forensic techniques at the House of Lords

LGC Forensics, the UK’s leading independent forensic science provider, held a Reception last night at the House of Lords in London.