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29 Mar LGC accredited for Relationship Analysis Services using groundbreaking software

GPS-ibd software used for civil paternity testing, immigration, DVI or human identification in missing persons casework

18 Feb LGC joins ReSecure to offer end-to-end assistance for dealing with a cyber-attack

UK’s first fully integrated service for responding to data breaches

29 Jan LGC and Facewatch provide expert support for businesses to combat crime

Expert forensic imagery services combine with Facewatch for powerful tool

24 Sep LGC announces newly accredited forensic DNA services

We are pleased to confirm some exciting developments in our range of forensic DNA services

18 Dec Forensic analysis must be used to combat allergen fatalities

Paper published in Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture sees Michael Walker call for thorough investigation of food allergy deaths

12 Nov LGC produces first material certified for carbon isotope ratios traceable to the SI

Glycine reference material will benefit food & drug testing labs, forensic analysts and research labs in the field of biogeochemistry