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10 Jun Food and feed analysis training for public analysts

Scientists training to be Public analysts gain key skills in modern food and feed control during Government Chemist training course

16 May LGC awarded ISO17025 UKAS flexible accreditation to test for GMOs

Standard provides evidence of LGC's expert analysis of food and feed that may contain GMOs

28 Apr Versatile KASP exome sample tracking panel provides sample provenance

In collaboration with the University of Southampton, we have developed a panel of 24 scientifically-validated KASP™ genotyping assays

04 Apr Towards absolute quantification of allergenic proteins in food

Journal of AOAC International publishes study on traceable Mass Spectrometry-based reference procedures

10 Jun Government Chemist works to improve GM Rice testing

Government Chemist authors paper outlining first control material to help labs policing imports for GM rice in food originating from China.