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It’s back to school with our training courses for analytical scientists

13 Aug 2013

LGC's long-running programme of training courses on analytical quality topics is designed to help our customers meet accreditation and regulatory requirements. Our “Statistics for analytical chemists” course is scheduled for 18 September and covers statistical tools most commonly applied to analytical data, such a significance testing, control charts, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and linear regression.

We are also offering a two-day course on Design of Experiments (DoE), a well structured approach to experiments for scientific research, method development and product improvement. The course is aimed at analytical chemists and laboratory managers who need to plan experimental studies for analytical method development, and who wish to develop an understanding of the main types of experiment used in industrial experimental design. “Designing effective experiments- principles of experimental design” is taking place on 9 and 10 October and places can be booked through our online booking pages.

Further information about these courses, as well as other courses in the LGC Analytical Quality Programme, and how to make a booking can be found in our Training and guidance pages.