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Stevia approved in the EU – LGC Standards exclusively provides full series of reference standards for the JECFA method

30 Nov 2011
Tags:  Standards

In preparation for the recent EU approval of steviol glycosides, LGC Standards has assembled the largest and most up-to-date range of stevia* reference standards in Europe, including an exclusive series of standards for the JECFA analytical method.

These standards provide laboratories that are undertaking the determination of steviol glycosides in food and beverages according to the JECFA (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives) method, with one complete kit containing all nine compounds required.

To celebrate the EU approval of steviol glycosides, the natural, zero-calorie sweetener, LGC Standards has also announced that it is offering a 10% discount for all UK/European stevia orders placed before 1 January 2012.

As a distributor for ChromaDexTM, LGC Standards’ range of highly characterised analytical reference standards for steviol glycosides are not only necessary for food and beverage manufacturers to ensure the consistency and quality of stevia-based products, but are important for public sector analysts checking for compliance with the EU limits.

Claudia Ketteler, Business Sector Manager for LGC Standards added: “While LGC Standards currently administers the International Stevia Council’s (ISC) independent Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) for stevia products, being able to supply public and private laboratories with Europe’s largest and most up-to-date range of stevia compounds and reference standards is something we are extremely proud of.”

Scientists in LGC’s Science & Technology division are also developing a robust and fully validated method for the simultaneous determination of sweeteners, both artificial and natural (including steviol glycosides) in various food products. This project is funded by the UK Food Standards Agency and further information can be found in the following link:

For further information on these stevia reference standards, contact your local LGC Standards sales office, or Customers within the UK can place their order through the LGC webshop (

*Stevia is a plant of the Asteraceae (sunflower) family whose leaves have been used as a sweetener in South America for hundreds of years. With the steviol glycoside extract having up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar, stevia has gained popularity with people seeking a low-carbohydrate, low-calorie food alternative.