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LGC Standards’ new PCB reference materials facilitate EPA compliance

12 Sep 2011

Ready-to-use, guaranteed contamination-free PCB reference standards

LGC Standards, Europe’s leading supplier of reference materials, has expanded its range of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and related compounds from ULTRA Scientific, to include the five PCB congener mixtures and the native toxins/ level of chlorination (LOC) stock solution required by EPA Analytical Method 1668A and 1668B.

PCBs are a class of organic compounds known to be the most persistent and widely distributed pollutants in the environment. EPA Method 1668A is used to determine the presence of PCBs in water, soil, sediment, bio-solids, tissue and other sample matrices by high resolution gas chromatography or high resolution mass spectrometry.

Where a laboratory prepares its own calibration solutions, there is potential for contamination because background levels of PCBs can be higher than the concentrations of PCBs in the calibration solutions. EPA Method 1668B specifies that these solutions should be manufactured in a chlorinated biphenyl contamination-free environment. If these requirements cannot be met, it further states that the laboratory should ‘have a vendor prepare the calibration standards and guarantee freedom from contamination’.

LGC Standards meets this requirement by offering these PCB congener mixtures to laboratories as a reliable, ready-to-use standard, guaranteed free from contamination. These PCB mixtures are manufactured by ULTRA Scientific in accordance with ULTRA’s ISO 9001 registered quality system and with the analyte concentrations verified by ULTRA’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Product Code Description Analytes Solvent
U-RPCM-1668A Native PCB Congener Mixture 1 83 analytes Iso-octane
U-RPCM-1668B Native PCB Congener Mixture 2 54 analytes Iso-octane
U-RPCM-1668C Native PCB Congener Mixture 3 29 analytes Iso-octane
U-RPCM-1668D Native PCB Congener Mixture 4 15 analytes Iso-octane
U-RPCM-1668E Native PCB Congener Mixture 5 28 analytes Iso-octane
U-RPCM-1668F Native Toxins/LOC Stock Solution 33 analytes Iso-octane
U-RPCM-1668K Method 1668 A & B kit 1 each of A-E  

Andrew Wyeth, Head of Pesticides at LGC said: “Validity and reliability are essential requirements for all analytical reference materials used in LGC’s pesticide laboratory in Teddington in South West London. Having confidence in the reference materials that we use and the certification provided, ensures that all our customers’ results are reported to a reputable standard.”

For further information on these and any other PCB compounds, or to place an order please contact your local LGC Standards sales office or email: